Policies 2.0: Rules for the Social Web
In the fast-changing online world of social networking, where an embarrassing photo can travel the globe in seconds, online predators are the topic of nightly news programs, and young adults travel as avatars to virtual worlds where anything can happen, what policies do schools need to set and how do they set them?

Ethics Scenarios

Johnson, Doug Rules for the Social Web
Johnson, Doug Advisory Advice
Johnson, Doug Connections for Learning, White Paper on social networking tools in education
Johnson, Doug Developing Ethical Behaviors in Students: What Schools Must Do
Johnson, Doug Filtering Fallacies
Johnson, Doug Guidelines for Educators Using Social and Educational Networking Sites
Johnson, Doug Proactively Teaching Technology Ethics
Johnson, Doug Technology Ethics Scenarios
Johnson, Doug Social Networking Scenarios

Workshop: To Friend or Not To Friend: A Guide for Teachers Using Social Networking Sites
Workshop: Freedom and Filters: Can We Have Both
Workshop: Teaching Students Right from Wrong in the Digital Age


Websites about Internet safety for parents

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