The Fence or the Ambulance: Are You Punishing or Preventing Plagiarism in Your School?

Too much effort is expended in education trying to catch plagiarism in student work. Teachers and media specialists are using various web services and techniques using search engines to determine if or how much of student writing is lifted from online sources. While such tools are necessary and can be effective, educators should also be creating assignments, especially those that involve research, that minimize the likelihood of plagiarism in the first place. This workshop gives teachers the tools that help them design LPP (Low Probability of Plagiarism) projects that require original, thoughtful research.

Slides on PPT

GoogleDoc form for rubric
Assignments That Matter Data Collection survey
Projects and possibilities
History lesson checklist
Challenges and solutions

Plagiarism-Proofing Assignments Phi Delta Kappan, March 2004.
Student Guide to Cheating and Plagiarism cheat77.pdf
A Fence or and Ambulance by Joseph Malings - 1895

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  • Better than I expected and I expected a lot.
  • I attended your workshop on designing assignments to help prevent plagiarism at NECC. I really enjoyed your presentation. I am using what I learned from your workshop to create a workshop to help teachers design better assignments. The workshop will look at assignment design, improving research skills to help students understand the process of research, evaluate resources, organize information.
  • We are combining the process with software that allows students to check their work against plagiarism software. ( A teacher from schools using the plagiarism software will need to attend a workshop on improving assignment design to get access to the software.