American School of Doha, November 2017
  • Collaboration between librarians and tech integrationists
  • Common Information Literacy/IT skills and how they are taught and assessed
  • Digital citizenship understandings by students (and staff?) and how they are taught and assessed
  • Makerspace "ownership"

  1. Recognizing and rejecting stereotypes
  2. Tools for discussion and collaboration (DeBono's Plus, Minus, Interesting - Learning Work, Implementation Work, Standard Work, (Padlet) Evaluating when to collaborate)
  3. What is the purpose of any set of standards? A deep(ish) dive into the ISTE Standards for Students and ISTE Standards for Coaches
  4. A review of the 3Ps of online safe and responsible use and a dive into Common Sense Media's Digital Literacy Standards
  5. Developing a mission statement for makerspaces and a selection process for activities. Strategy to tie makerspace activities to larger school goals. How to evaluate. Application of collaboration tools learned earlier

Librarians are from Venus; Technicians are from Mars
Collaboration and reflection
New AASL StandardsNew Standards to Dawn at AASL 2017Standards Posters (ALA store)Managing Standards Overload (AASL)

22 page ethics handout here
Policies 2.0 handout