I am continuously in the process of revising all my workshop and presentation materials. If you've attended one of my sessions and cannot find the support materials here, let me know and I will get it to you.
Thanks, Doug

Workshops and presentations
  1. 21st Century Teacher: Staff Development for Teachers Who Already Know How to Word-Process
  2. All Aboard! Plan and Report to Build Library Support
  3. Budgeting for School Library Programs in Mean, Lean Times
  4. Change from the Radical Center of Education
  5. Changed but Still Critical: Bricks and Mortar Libraries in the Digital Age
  6. Change Your Image: Free and Simple Online Tools to Alter Digital Photographs and Create Images
  7. Changing the One-Right-Answer Mentality: the Subversive Educator's Guide to Creativity (keynote)
  8. Classroom Teacher's Survival Guide to Technology (keynote)
  9. Classroom Teacher's Survival Guide to Technology (workshop)
  10. A Cloudy Outlook for Education: Cloud-based Computing in K-12
  11. Dangers and Opportunities: Challenges for Libraries in the Digital Age
  12. Designing Research Assignments That Kids (and Teachers) Love
  13. Designing Projects That Encourage Creativity
  14. Developing Creativity in Every Learner (workshop)
  15. Developing Empathy in Every Learner
  16. Ending the Range Wars: Collaborative Technology Planning and Decision-Making
  17. Everything I Know About Engagement I Learned in Kindergarten
  18. Facing Our Challenges in Positive Ways
  19. Fence or the Ambulance: Are Punishing or Preventing Plagiarism in Your School?
  20. Five Rules of Effective School Library Advocacy
  21. Framework for Technology: Integrating Technology Use in to the Danielson
  22. Freedom and Filters: Can We Have Both?
  23. Getting What You Ask For: Creating Effective Assessment Tools for Projects, Personnel, and Program
  24. Getting the Most from Your Fixed Library Media Program (for librarians)
  25. Getting the Most from Your Library Media Program (for administrators)
  26. Integrating Technology into an Information Literacy Curriculum
  27. Librarian's Role in 1:1 Schools
  28. Libraries in the Cloud
  29. Libraries in the Cloud: Workshop
  30. Library Ethics for Non-Librarians
  31. No U-Turn Syndrome (Copyright)
  32. Novel Approach to Building an E-book Collection
  33. Not Just "Pockets of Wow": Getting All Teachers Onboard with Technology
  34. Policies 2.0: Rules for the Social Web
  35. Professional Fitness Plan: Web 2.0 Tools to Develop a Personal Learning Network
  36. Responsive Classroom: Simple Tools for Gathering Digital Feedback in the Classroom (hands-on workshop)
  37. Rules of Engagement: Using Personal Technologies to Motivate Rather Than Distract
  38. Rules of Engagement (workshop)
  39. Sane Teacher's Guide to Technology Integration
  40. Schools and Libraries for the Net Generation
  41. Schools in the Cloud workshop
  42. Teaching Students Right from Wrong in the Digital Age
  43. Teacher's Technology Manifesto: Essential Conditions Needed Before All Teachers Embrace Technology
  44. Teachers, Transparency and Technology
  45. Technology Competencies All Educational Administrators Need
  46. Teck Check: Evaluating Technology Use in Your District
  47. To Friend or Not to Friend: A Teacher's Guide to Social and Educational Networking
  48. Using Technology to Increase Free Voluntary Reading
  49. Whadda I Need That I Ain't Got? Courage IS a Technology Skill
  50. Zero Sum Budgets and Technology
yDeveloping Creativity in Every Learner