Creating Long-term Change: Putting Theory into Practice
What are the essential conditions needed to create meaningful, long-term change? How can a single individual build a "shared vision" of what a school library program should be doing in a building? How can one manage one's time so one can work on long-term objectives rather than just be "putting out forest fires?"

A process for creating long term change
Will you be facing the exact same problems in five years that you are today?
  • too little money
  • inadequate facilities
  • lack of support staff
  • no impact on the learning environment
  • no job security
Only long-term planning based on an accurate program assessment followed by a deliberate
communications plan can create significant change.

Formula for change C = D x V x F > R
Note the evidence of each item below from the video:




First Steps


Covey's Time Management Matrix

Not Urgent
Quadrant I
  • Crises
  • Pressing problems
  • Deadline driven
Quandrant II
  • Prevention
  • Assessing, planning, reporting
  • Relationship building
Not Important
Quadrant III
  • Interruptions
  • Some mail, reports
  • Meetings
Quadrant IV
  • Trivia, busy work
  • Time wasters
  • Procrastination
What can you eliminate in Quadrants III and IV to give you more time to spend in Quadrant II?

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