Facing our Challenges in Positive Ways

Today's libraries seem beset by challenges - reading is in decline, censorship/blocking is on the rise, and media copyright issues are a confusing mess. This lecture/discussion workshop will focus on specific areas - examining the problems that face us, but also offering concrete, positive steps libraries can take to deal with them. Come prepared to share your woes, your best resources, AND your secrets to success. Bring your laptops for back-channel chatting and tweeting.

This workshop can be customized to meet the challenges of your particular library organization's members. It works as either a half or full day workshop, with the full day providing small groups to work on solutions to problems of common concern.

Areas for discussion may include:
  • How today's students are different from previous generations and how libraries can serve them
  • How e-books and online materials are impacting library services, programs and facilities
  • How to deal with Internet filtering issues in schools
  • How to do effective library planning and advocacy.
  • How to address the librarian's role in teaching/enforcing copyright in the digital age
  • How to work with your technology staff
  • How libraries can help students master "21st Century Skills"
  • How to reduce plagiarism in student research
  • How to make the most of a fixed library schedule
  • How to help keep kids safe and ethical on the read/write web
  • How to create library budgets in tough economic times
  • How stay relevant by learning with a Personal Learning Network

About two topics per half day work well.