Facilities planning resources

Much of this information has been updated, organized and condensed into the facilities chapter of my book, The Indispensable Librarian, 2nd ed.

Seems like this question’s asked on a regular basis:
  • I received a request from a fellow media specialist, for information on building a new media center. I know many of you have been looking at plans for designing school library spaces. Could anyone out there in school library land share some of what you have learned and any good sources you found? I am happy to compile any hits I receive.

So as much for my own convenience as any service, here’s a short bibliography of things I’ve written on library facility design.

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My Pinterest on school facilities (under construction)

I highly recommend Rolf Erikson and Carol Markuson’s Designing a School Library Media Center for the Future, 2nd ed, ALA, 2009:

Interesting TED Talk on designing facilities with acoustics in mind <http://www.ted.com/talks/julian_treasure_why_architects_need_to_use_their_ears.html?source=email#.UFyjAdUQ5lJ.email>

Hope this helps. Remember, all my writing has been approved by the AMA as a non-addictive sleep aid!