The Classroom Teacher's Survival Guide to Technology - workshop

The expectation of administrators, parents and students that all teachers effectively integrate technology into their classrooms is not going away. This keynote suggests a dozen simple understandings, strategies and skills that will allow those who view themselves first and foremost as teachers, not technologists, to maximize the use of technology in their everyday work. Happily.

Participants will examine some theories related to using technology in school — to improve personal productivity, to enhance current educational practices, and to restructure the classroom through information-problem solving activities. Second, participants will get hands-on experience using specific online tools to turn these theories into classroom practices. Designed for participants who think of themselves first as teachers rather than as technologists, all teachers regardless of current level of technology ability will find useful ways to improve their teaching.

Participants will. . .
  • understand how technology can support education through personal productivity, by enhancing current practices, and through restructuring the classroom experience
  • gain a hands-on, working knowledge of simple web-based tools in each of these application areas that can be used on return to school.

TodaysMeet for this workshop

Link to PPT slides


1. The Sane Teacher's Guide to Technology Integration
Basic CODE 77 Skills Self-Assessment
Collaborative writing form in GoogleDocs for the Technology Upgrade (Please work in teams of 3-4)

Hands on with online professional productivity tools:

2. Engage or Entertain - Strategies for Using Individual Student Devices in the Classroom
Rules of Engagement event in GoSoapBox

Hands on with response tools

3. Developing Creativity in Every Learner
Hands on with online graphics and digital storytelling tools (Motivator - select an SAT/ACT vocabulary word - find a picture that fits the definition - use Motivator to create a poster - 10 miutes)

4. Developing a PGT that embeds technology
Technology Rubrics in the Danielson model
Using Rubrics for Restructuring to create a professional growth target

Support materials: