All Aboard! Plan and Report to Build Library Support

Program assessments generally cause far too much stress for school library media specialists. This workshop will help the participant develop and use effective program evaluations that are NOT long and tortuous and that truly help increase budgets, improve working conditions, and make the library media program essential to student learning.

The second part of the workshop will help the participant learn how proactive, collaborative planning and reporting efforts based on needs assessments can have a tremendous impact on the support given to media program by teachers, administrators and the community.


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MEMO Video: Building Skill for Tomorrow: Minnesota School Library Programs Make a Difference, 2001


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Sample Parent Newspaper articles by Doug Johnson

Written comments about this presentation:

  • Thank YOU for a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow. … It is such fun to go over my notes and remember how much fun you made learning. … I will put the information you gave to use right away.
  • I just wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for all of the well-timed advice about budgeting, setting goals and eliciting support. I used virtually all of your advice as we began to weather a ten percent staff reduction for this next year. The suggestions you gave me about what to do in this situation were not only helpful, but proved to be the reason we are able to survive this unpleasant time without further staffing reductions. Thanks for all your help.
  • I am leaving here today with wonderful ideas for organizing my budget, maintaining support, and making the library user friendly to all customers. It is a community effort.
  • Really helps with self-reflection to create a solid library media center program aligned with building goals and state standards; very practical pointers.
  • With an eye toward student achievement, I anticipate building a stronger and even more effective program. Wonderful plan and ideas.
  • This workshop started so many ideas churning (some old and some new.) I will use ideas to promote the media center and help our kids continue to grow.
  • Doug Johnson is knowledgeable and has a humorous personality. Handouts will be useful throughout the school year. Of tremendous benefit to smaller districts.
  • Doug Johnson was well organized and sincere. He definitely transmitted his passion of a successful library program to our group.
  • It is wonderful to have a workshop addressing unique needs of library programs. Usually the library is overlooked, yet it is so vital to the schools. Programs like these help us focus on impacting student learning.