The 21st Century Teacher: Technology Staff Development Opportunities for Teachers Who Already Know How to Word Process

Are the new skills needed by teachers to use technology effectively “technology” skills or “teaching” skills? This session looks at the implications of emerging technologies on the teaching profession, describes 7 challenges now facing teachers, and describes 10 teaching competencies that can be developed through carefully planned staff development efforts that go beyond hands-on classes.

Written comments about this presentation:
  • You are such an awesome presenter! I cannot say enough about how helpful your insight is. I know I get a lot of ideas from you.
  • It has been my pleasure to hear you speak at the past two MACUL conferences. I think that you are right on the mark with what you say and I think that you have created an excellent set of rubrics. I am currently writing a grant to the Michigan Department of Education and I would like to use your rubrics as part of our evaluation component.
  • Wonderful - please come back!
  • Entertaining and informative way to reinforce what I am doing is right.
  • Creates an atmosphere of motivation to change. Common sense approach that is non-threatening. Hands on information.
  • Excellent speaker - lots of different and varied activities. Casual and comfortable.

Rubrics for Restructuring

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