The top 10 things you should be able to do with an RSS feed aggregator.

RSS Feed Aggregators allow you to create a single site that shows webpages and blogs that have been updated.

1. Create a Google Reader account. <> (If you already have a Gmail, Blogger or other Google account, you can use it.)



My email to logon is:

My password is:

2. Find a new blog an add a feed.


3. Read a blog enty:
- in GoogleReader
- on the original blog

4. Star an item and find starred-items folder.

5. Choose a “view.” (Expanded or list.)

6. Create folders and add feeds to folders.

7. View settings. (See manage subscriptions at bottom of page.) Set preferences, add and delete subscriptions, manage folders, get tips.)


8. Delete feeds. Select subscription. Choose Feed Settings. Click on Unsubscribe.

9. Create a news search feed.
- Go to GoogleNews <>
- Create a search (ebooks education, for example)
- Do the search.
- Click on RSS button on lower left of screen.
- Click "Subscribe to GoogleReader"

10. Delete your Reader account. You can't unless you delete your whole Google Account. You can unsubscribe to all your feeds, however.