E-Books, E-Gads! Promises, Pitfalls and Practicalities
This presentation explores "state of the art" e-publications and e-reading devices and applications, the advantages and disadvantages of books in digital formats, and offers important criteria to consider when providing e-book offerings in school libraries. The workshop expands this presentation by exploring ways technology tools to promote and enrich independent reading.

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The Readers' Bill of Rights for Digital Books
We have constructed the Readers' Bill of Rights for Digital Books as a set of guidelines that can be consulted when purchasing a digital book, a collection of electronic books, or an ebook reading device. We especially hope it will be useful for those who purchase said items for permanent library collections.

As readers of traditional print materials, we are already guaranteed all of these rights--and we should not be denied them due to the medium in which we are reading.

The Readers' Bill of Rights for Digital Books:
  1. Ability to retain, archive and transfer purchased materials
  2. Ability to create a paper copy of the item in its entirety
  3. Digital Books should be in an open format (e.g. you could read on a computer, not just a device)
  4. Choice of hardware to access books (e.g. in 3 years when your device has broken, you can still read your book on other hardware)
  5. Reader information will remain private (what, when and how we read will not be stored, sold or marketed)

We invite conversation and discussion of this document. It is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

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