The top 10 things you should be able to do with a social bookmarking site

Social bookmarking sites such as <> allow users to share their Internet bookmarks and create descriptive “tags” to help organize these resources. Flickr <> does the same for photographs, and YouTube <> allows video tagging and sharing. My own delicious account is here <>

1. Create an account <>



My Delicious address is:
My username is:
My password is:

2. Add a bookmark manually.
- Go to site you want to add. < for example.)
- Copy URL from address bar.
- Go to your delicious account.
- Click on Save a new bookmark in upper right of screen.
- Paste in URL.
- Click Next.

3. Describe your bookmark and add "tags". Edit the name of the bookmark if necessary. Write a short description of the content of the site. Tags are how you organize your bookmarks. These can be only one word. Add as many as you would like.

4. See how others have tagged this entry. See recommended.

5. Edit or delete a bookmark. Choose a book mark. Find the edit and delete buttons

6. Choose to share your bookmark or hide your bookmark. Click the box that reads "Do not share" or leave unchecked.

7. Search for items bookmarked by others. Type a tag in the search box in the upper right corner. Choose Everyone's bookmarks.

8. Create an RSS feed (subscription) for bookmarks on a topic. Choose Subscriptions. Click on Add a subscription. Click on RSS feed icon in address bar to add to GoogleReader.

9. View your tags as a list or cloud. Click on Tag options in upper right.

10. Import bookmarks from a browser. Go to Settings, Bookmarks, Import. Follow guide. (You should only do this from a personally used computer, of course.)