Intellectual Freedom in the 21st Century: Censorship by Omission

While book burners get all the attention from intellectual freedom groups, a more serious and pervasive suppression of information and ideas is occurring in our schools: improper blocking of Internet sites. Learn how the improper use of commercial filters and poor school policies can lead to both students and staff being unable to access quality information and tools online. And learn what YOU as a librarian or teacher can do about it.

Links to Doug's blog entries on which this presentation is based:
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It's called Intellectual Freedom, October 2007 (open letter to technology directors)
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Links to Doug's published stuff:
Article: Maintaining Intellectual Freedom in a Filtered World , Leading & Learning, May 2005
Article: Best Practices for Meeting CIPA Requirement s, EdTech Magazine Q4 2005.
Article: Good Policy for Good Policies , School Library Journal, March 2003
Chapter: Ethics in use of technology from Ethics in School Librarianship: A Reader edited by Carol Simpson Linworth, 2003

Other links:
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ALA Library Code of Ethics
"We uphold the principles of intellectual freedom and resist all efforts to censor library resources."
Creating and Connecting - Research and Guidelines on Online Social - and Educational - Networking. National School Board Association, 2008.
ISTE Membership Ethics
"[we] Adhere to and teach the concepts and laws related to intellectual property, intellectual freedom, privacy, confidentiality, a diversity of viewpoints, safety, and appropriate use especially as related to technology."
Intellectual Freedom 101, Knowledge Quest, Nov/Dec 2007
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Access Denied: How Internet Filtering Harms Public School Education, RIACUL

Workshop handouts: Intellectual Freedom and Filters: Can We Have Both?