Tech Integrator & Early Adopter Teacher Workshops

Morning Session: Rules of Engagement
The workshop will explore how student devices – tablets, laptops and cellphones – can be managed in the school and used to motivate and engage learners. This workshop:
  • Examines the difference between entertainment and engagement
  • Describes five strategies for dealing with “distractive” technologies in the classroom with concrete examples of how personally owned devices can be used to both enhance traditional educational practices and to completely restructure learning
  • Examines the keys to a successful BYOD program
  • Introduces tools for engagement – for online discussion, polling, and quizzing – and gives time for practice.

Afternoon Session: Workshop: Developing the Creativity in Every Learner
This workshop explores why creativity is a critical 21st century skill that can be demonstrated by all learners in all content areas. Participants will share, explore, and use digital tools and resources that increase the likelihood of creativity and discuss how creativity can be accessed. Typical classroom units will be revised that ask for creative problem solving.
    • Why is it imperative we take developing creativity seriously?
    • Concerns about creativity
    • Ten ways to encourage creativity in every assignment
    • Practice five tools that allow users to express creativity
    • Revise four projects to increase creativity
The day will be supported by online activities, small group work, and conclude with a “smackdown” sharing session by participants.