Teacher Librarian Workshops

Morning Session: Dangers and Opportunities
Many of our library “crises,” whether institutional or personal, can be tied directly to the information technology changes that have occurred in the past 20 years – changes that continue and are accelerating.
Three factors that are creating a dangerous perfect storm of societal changes that will impact libraries. Only by actively addressing the challenges each of these dangers pose, will libraries survive and thrive. We will explore the
  • impact of the digitization of resources,
  • the change in information authority,
  • and new learning skills needed on school library programs.
We will then explore seven opportunities libraries and librarians are taking advantage of to remain relevant in the digital age including repurposing our physical facilities, creating a “purple cow” program, and reshaping our role as “information expert.”

Afternoon Session: Using Technology to Encourage Free Voluntary Reading
This workshop session will explore the research related to Free Voluntary Reading and explore concrete ways that technology can be used to encourage FVR and interactions with books, including:
  • Author and fan websites and using QR codes in the backs of books to find them.
  • Social sharing sites. to record what they’ve read, write recommendations, share their recommendations with other students and discuss books online.
  • Library/student productivity tools to generate creative responses to books.
  • Library review/promotion webpages that generate interest in print through media.
  • Virtual author visits that generate interest in books and reading.
The day will be supported by online activities, small group work, and conclude with a “smackdown” sharing session by participants.

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